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the Federation Network, goggleplus' network.

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So how this works is as follows...  You are a user with channels on the #Goggleplus website, known as "node".

This "node" is one of currently of about 90 that use something called #Hubzilla which is a "project" alongside about 22 other "projects" (or source code that drives each website). These are all talking, or in the process of talking, to each other to enable all the different nodes to talk to each other via 6 different "protocols".

At present Goggleplus is only connected to about 2,200 users on the Hubzilla protocol. Soon we intend connecting to the other 21 projects, some of which are much bigger, giving us access to a total of over 2.2million users for you to connect to.

Here's the total breakdown of how it all works if you want more detail:

The Federation - a statistics hub
Node list and statistics for The Federation and Fediverse

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Ok some channels just getting started here on #goggleplus include

@Classic Rock
@Mark Thomas
@Kev corr
@Jeff Diver
@Democracy and Direct Democracy
@Benjamin L. Russell
@Shauna Smith
@Warren Gerdes
@Mr. Anderson

Check out these profiles and connect if they hold interest. Try making a post if you are new, to introduce. Add keywords and interests. If you have certain topics you want to post about consider a new channel for that subject if it's a passion of yours.

There are a range of controls over your post's security and distribution check them out.

When you've made the post click on that post's Link to Source and copy the URL to other media if you like.
Invite friends, they can only join with an invitation code at this point, which gets generated when you invite.

Fire away if there's any questions.
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Thanks for the heads up Gplus. I like the format of this software and would like to run it on my website as a sideline forum based community system. Is it something I can leverage/install on my hosting service?
I'll get my web guru to have a look at it and see what he thinks. :-)
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What was the web guru's verdict? :-)
What's the first few things I do here?

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Well to get this far you've probably added a channel, if not that's the first thing.

Probably your first channel will be your name and be about you, but it doesn't have to be. Your channels can be any subject you like, know or care about and that you intend posting about.

Your profile... Please don't use the stock photo, it won't encourage people to connect to you. Add you to the profile, it's yours add keywords of interest so others can work out things you both have in common.

Once you have your profile and channel set up, find yourself some people!

Click on view friend suggestions for those already in the network. As a general rule people here are quite accepting and you don't have to feel like you are intruding on them or being too forward. To be conservative, on the left, tick "This website only" and "Safe Mode"

To add your own friends from outside the network, click on invite people and send them a message.

Well done, that's probably enough for your first visit!
Direct Talk- banter and support

Talk to us directly using This QR code will lead you to our channel on Zello.

Our link is message us here first if we aren't there.

Getting Underway on Goggle Plus

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On goggleplus, your main creative output is through your channels.

On other social media there is all sorts of names for these, communities, collections, groups etc etc.

On goggleplus it's simple, they are all called channels. They all have a lot of flexibility, they can be set up for whatever purpose you wish. Private, social, broadcasting to the world, just you in charge, others helping, content controlled, moderation etc etc, all up to you the channel owner.

Set up channels for your key areas of subject interest. People can then gravitate to the subject. Start with just one.

There's two things, creating content, then finding the audience.

Creating content is up to you.  Add whatever you want to your post. Keep it on subject. Add keywords, hashtags, video etc, just like regular social media.
At first, it'll take time and effort to create an audience, but things like hashtags and keywords help.

Find connections with common interests via the friend suggestions function. Connect to similar channels and interact with them and they will often return the favor to create a vibrant scene for both.

It all starts here

Once you are done with the post and it's posted, click on Link To Source and share your post on any other social media you have.
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