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Getting Underway on Goggle Plus

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On goggleplus, your main creative output is through your channels.

On other social media there is all sorts of names for these, communities, collections, groups etc etc.

On goggleplus it's simple, they are all called channels. They all have a lot of flexibility, they can be set up for whatever purpose you wish. Private, social, broadcasting to the world, just you in charge, others helping, content controlled, moderation etc etc, all up to you the channel owner.

Set up channels for your key areas of subject interest. People can then gravitate to the subject. Start with just one.

There's two things, creating content, then finding the audience.

Creating content is up to you.  Add whatever you want to your post. Keep it on subject. Add keywords, hashtags, video etc, just like regular social media.
At first, it'll take time and effort to create an audience, but things like hashtags and keywords help.

Find connections with common interests via the friend suggestions function. Connect to similar channels and interact with them and they will often return the favor to create a vibrant scene for both.

It all starts here

Once you are done with the post and it's posted, click on Link To Source and share your post on any other social media you have.