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Ok some channels just getting started here on #goggleplus include

@Classic Rock
@Mark Thomas
@Kev corr
@Jeff Diver
@Democracy and Direct Democracy
@Benjamin L. Russell
@Shauna Smith
@Warren Gerdes
@Mr. Anderson

Check out these profiles and connect if they hold interest. Try making a post if you are new, to introduce. Add keywords and interests. If you have certain topics you want to post about consider a new channel for that subject if it's a passion of yours.

There are a range of controls over your post's security and distribution check them out.

When you've made the post click on that post's Link to Source and copy the URL to other media if you like.
Invite friends, they can only join with an invitation code at this point, which gets generated when you invite.

Fire away if there's any questions.
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Thanks for the heads up Gplus. I like the format of this software and would like to run it on my website as a sideline forum based community system. Is it something I can leverage/install on my hosting service?
I'll get my web guru to have a look at it and see what he thinks. :-)
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What was the web guru's verdict? :-)