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The Federation sounds wonderful and I am happy to be included, but I have yet to understand all of what it is and what its potential may be for interaction and exposure. I certainly don't want to be stuck in an internet silo. (This is a steep learning curve for an old brain like mine.)

Thanks for being so responsive to my efforts! A mentor's hand is very important but seldom extended to platform newbies, who are elsewhere forced onto help forums, pages, etc. that may answer questions, but almost never have an inclusive family feel to them.
I find it helps to think of the benefits of the Federation or Fediverse as an implementation of the old phrase about not putting all your eggs in one basket, since each hub is like a basket, each basket holds only a few of our assets or eggs, and the underlying protocols - Zot6 or ActivityPub - allows communication between the baskets and secured dialogue between eggs in different baskets, even instant cloning of your eggs from one basket to another, so if a basket is dropped, you can continue immediately from another basket or hub. In short, decentralized publishing is unlike centralized publishing in that services like Facebook is ONE basket with ALL our eggs in it, so when the basket drops, we have only ourselves to thank for being stupid and having egg on our face. :-)
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Nice one thanks @Haakon Meland Eriksen (Els Mussols) . Yes it's relatively early days in terms of uptake of the concept but behind the scenes this is forged on a years of work and vision. I'm new to it also, but I feel we are in good hands on this exciting journey and will try my best to help people as far as I can.
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