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try to do the same, homo

#animatedgif #chimpanzee #computer #hominid #memory #numbers #revision #science
why great ideas die

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It’s Not About the Idea, It’s About Its Execution. – Thrive Global – Medium


Don’t celebrate when you get a brilliant idea, celebrate when you can brilliantly execute it.

@Mike Macgirvin
suggested changes to View friend suggestions.

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!Hubzilla Development  suggested changes to View friend suggestions"

Adding suggestions process


Adding suggestions process  /directory  Results of suggestions search are shown in /directory. If already connected there should be a button that says “Connected!” And button directs to page or js to manage that connection. Upon hitting green connect button, query is run to match A match brings c...
So payment must be handled by Hubzilla in my view who would immediately pass the funds received to the hub. Serious consideration to has to be given as to how this gets coded and how to handle exceptions and refunds.

Personally, I don't see that even as a possibility. I suppose someone could take the CART app, close-source the MIT code, and make some sort of alliance with a payment processor so that they get a cut and then donate that to the project. That COULD work -- basically the TIVOIZATION of Hubzilla. I think most of the current devs might frown on that type of activity though. (As the main dev of the CART addon, I know I would!)

I think the closest I can come up with is what I said above and set up a stored value utility token on a blockchain somewhere (I've looked at Bitshares and EOS - both would be good candidates) and integrate that into the Hubzilla ecosystem somehow - have the transaction fees split among project & hub-operators. But with that we'd be quite far afield from the software itself and expertise in that space would be needed. It may be a viable way to do it, but there's a LOT that would need to happen to set up the overall framework for it, and I'm not 100% sure (with all the coming regulation in the Crypto space) that it's something that'd be sustainable.
Well like I said, one possibility is that the payment module could housed only on the hubzilla server and not in the source code. Someone could still write their own module though, granted.

A blockchain solution might we'll be best, but as you say that's no mean feat.

Whatever happens, nothing will be perfectly controlled due to the open source nature of things.

But it might go along way to getting hubzilla operational and paying bills for itself and it's hubs
Ni! Sorry, not wanting to hijack the thread but: @M. Dent can you review my permissions to your channel and to hubzilla advocacy ? Cheers
examples of well functioning social hubs

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What are some examples of #hubzilla hubs that are functioning well as purely social non technical hubs at this point? !Hubzilla Support Forum
@M. Dent , I'd like to hear more about your vision for I sent you a connection request so that I can reply to your post about it on your home channel.
I can´t  reply to your post about it on your home channel - do you want to change that ?
i’ve liked it here. it’s good to have a space so privacy-minded. devs have been receptive of my bug reports and feature requests (a first in any open source project for me). it’s a uniquely considerate project, even compared to the rest of federated and decentralized social projects. glad to be making a home here.
70% of world pollution, from just 100 companies.

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Recently posted about how 70% of the world's pollution comes from just 100 companies, which was based on this article

Well anyway, here's the list of who those top are (top 10) are belowTop 100 producers and their cumulative greenhouse gas emissions from 1988-2015

Count     Company     Percentage of global industrial greenhouse gas emissions
1     China (Coal)     14.32%
2     Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Aramco)     4.50%
3     Gazprom OAO     3.91%
4     National Iranian Oil Co     2.28%
5     ExxonMobil Corp     1.98%
6     Coal India     1.87%
7     Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex)     1.87%
8     Russia (Coal)     1.86%
9     Royal Dutch Shell PLC     1.67%
10     China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC)     1.56%

Here's a list of worst in the USA by toxicity
Combined Toxic 100/Greenhouse 100 Indexes (2018 Report, Based on 2015 Data)
Parent entity or corporation    Toxic 100 Air Rank    Green House 100 Rank    Toxic 100 Air EJ: Poor Share    Toxic 100 Air EJ: Minority Share    Green House 100 EJ: Poor Share    Green House 100 EJ: Minority Share    Toxic 100 Water Rank            
DowDuPont    1    38    22%    51%    18%    47%    1            
Berkshire Hathaway    2    5    20%    34%    17%    34%    21            
General Electric    3        25%    55%    14%    40%    12            
Royal Dutch Shell    4    35    20%    67%    16%    63%    79            
TMS International Corp    5        33%    72%                        
Arconic    6        24%    58%            50            
LyondellBasell Industries    7    89    20%    70%    21%    76%    18            
Robert Bosch    8        14%    36%                        
Freeport-McMoRan    9        27%    48%    18%    69%    75            
Exxon Mobil    10    13    24%    69%    18%    60%    16            
United Technologies    11        18%    49%    13%    38%    88            
BASF    12        26%    44%    16%    47%    6            
Schlumberger    13        23%    70%            91            
Koch Industries    14    20    19%    44%    15%    46%    10            
BP    15    29    19%    35%    21%    73%    38            
Nucor    16        34%    67%    17%    41%    35            
Huntsman    17        18%    41%    17%    47%    56            
Valero Energy    18    26    20%    65%    19%    69%    51            
Eastman Chemical    19    97    22%    24%    17%    19%    13            
Phillips 66    20    22    19%    57%    16%    62%    39

Old Men at again

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Someone's gonna lose more than eye here if they don't keep cool.

Trump says US will withdraw from nuclear arms treaty with Russia


Experts warn of ‘most severe crisis in nuclear arms control since the 1980s’ as Trump confirms US will leave INF agreement
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Dogs aren't really acting on your command, they are smarter than that.

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we aren't as silly as we might look
Scientists chase mystery of how dogs process words: New study focuses on the brain mechanisms dogs use to differentiate between words


Experimental results suggest that dogs have at least a rudimentary neural representation of meaning for words they have been taught, differentiating words they have heard before from those they have not.

Frontiers in Neuroscience published one of the first studies using brain imaging to probe how our canine companions process words they have been taught to associate with objects, conducted by scientists at Emory University. The results suggest that dogs have at least a rudimentary neural representation of meaning for words they have been taught, differentiating words they have heard before from those they have not.

"Many dog owners think that their dogs know what some words mean, but there really isn't much scientific evidence to support that," says Ashley Prichard, a PhD candidate in Emory's Department of Psychology and first author of the study. "We wanted to get data from the dogs themselves -- not just owner reports."
I like visual than voice myself. I'm a visual learner than a theoretical learner. Ironically, I'm a water dog, if Chinese Zodiacs matter in psychology. Hehe.
I think we as a race are typically short sighted about most other creatures and tend to believe we are superior. We might have hands, be able to talk and use tools but I don't think our gut instincts and intuition are as good as our canine buddies who've survived much longer we probably ever will.

I suspect the research is right, that we overrate ourselves as masters, dogs just have little choice but to go along with what we want for them and they just get on with that.
The day when George Harrison funded Life of Brian

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Eric Idle recalls George Harrison funding Life of Brian


Eric Idle recalled how George Harrison made Monty Python's Life of Brian happen while speaking with Ryan Tubridy on The Late Late Show, saying the Beatle funded the film as he was so keen to see it on the screen.

    "We couldn't find the money anywhere in Hollywood and George suddenly rang up and said, 'I've got the money, we're gonna make it'.

"And what he'd done, he had mortgaged his house and raised $4.5million and put it on the film. He paid for the entire budget. Which is kind of crazy – imagine explaining that to the wife!"

Idle added of Harrison's reason for doing so: "He said he did that because he wanted to see the movie.
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Direct Talk- banter and support
Talk to us directly using This QR code will lead you to our channel on Zello.

Our link is message us here first if we aren't there.

Down boy!

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Facebook shareholders file proposal to kick Mark Zuckerberg out as chairman


Major hacks, data scandals and Russian meddling has led investors to call for an end to Chairman Zuckerberg's reign
Getting Underway on Goggle Plus

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Getting Underway on Goggle Plus
On goggleplus, your main creative output is through your channels.

On other social media there is all sorts of names for these, communities, collections, groups etc etc.

On googleplus it's simple, they are all called channels. They all have a lot of flexibility, they can be set up for whatever purpose you wish. Private, social, broadcasting to the world, just you in charge, others helping, content controlled, moderation etc etc, all up to you the channel owner.

Set up channels for your key areas of subject interest. People can then gravitate to the subject. Start with just one.

There's two things, creating content, then finding the audience.

Creating content is up to you.  Add whatever you want to your post. Keep it on subject. Add keywords, hashtags, video etc, just like regular social media.
At first, it'll take time and effort to create an audience, but things like hashtags and keywords help.

Find connections with common interests via the friend suggestions function. Connect to similar channels and interact with them and they will often return the favor to create a vibrant scene for both.

It all starts here
Switzerland and Direct Democracy

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This is how Switzerland’s direct democracy works


The first principle of direct democracy is that all citizens take part.

More than its snow-capped mountains and nifty, collapsible army knives, Switzerland is perhaps best known for its system of democracy. Known as "direct" democracy, it’s a legal framework that enables all Swiss citizens over the age of 18 to vote on how the country is run.

The system has some high-powered admirers. France’s newly elected President Emmanuel Macron has said he wants a similar system of referendums in place for French voters. But it can also produce unexpected results, such as a veto on the building of minarets or a proposal for all cars to be banned from the roads on Sundays.
Posting from The Fed

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I liked G+ so much, I bought it!

Welcome to GogglePlus!, better than ever before! :-)

Connect to a major new ownerless decentralised social hub concept with over 2.2 million users, across 2000 nodes, 21 projects, and 6 protocols.

It includes in the same network things like #Pluspora, #Mastodon, #Diaspora, #Friendica.

GogglePlus is one of the hubs, built using HubZilla framework.

On the GogglePlus hub you can:

Connect to anyone on the wider hub on those networks above, known as the Federation or Fediverse
Have a huge array of security and privacy settings, easy or detailed as you like.
Know that no-one is accessing or selling your data, its yours only.
It has all the features of Facebook, GooglePlus and major social networks and a lot more.
Premium content- Set if you want people paying or certain users only accessing your channel, controlled by you.
Create all your own permissions- you are in total control.
Set up channels that act like groups, communities, collections etc.
If you don't like this hub- easily shift to another, all part of one big network.

Registration code braulfor9661
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