examples of well functioning social hubs

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What are some examples of #hubzilla hubs that are functioning well as purely social non technical hubs at this point? !Hubzilla Support Forum
@M. Dent , I'd like to hear more about your vision for zot.social. I sent you a connection request so that I can reply to your post about it on your home channel.
I can´t  reply to your post about it on your home channel - do you want to change that ?
i’ve liked it here. it’s good to have a space so privacy-minded. devs have been receptive of my bug reports and feature requests (a first in any open source project for me). it’s a uniquely considerate project, even compared to the rest of federated and decentralized social projects. glad to be making a home here.
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I liked G+ so much, I bought it!

Welcome to GogglePlus!, better than ever before! :-)

Connect to a major new ownerless decentralised social hub concept with over 2.2 million users, across 2000 nodes, 21 projects, and 6 protocols. https://the-federation.info/

It includes in the same network things like #Pluspora, #Mastodon, #Diaspora, #Friendica.

GogglePlus is one of the hubs, built using HubZilla framework.

On the GogglePlus hub you can:

Connect to anyone on the wider hub on those networks above, known as the Federation or Fediverse
Have a huge array of security and privacy settings, easy or detailed as you like.
Know that no-one is accessing or selling your data, its yours only.
It has all the features of Facebook, GooglePlus and major social networks and a lot more.
Premium content- Set if you want people paying or certain users only accessing your channel, controlled by you.
Create all your own permissions- you are in total control.
Set up channels that act like groups, communities, collections etc.
If you don't like this hub- easily shift to another, all part of one big network.


Registration code braulfor9661