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Trying to find out how to follow @Mike Macgirvin in here. However I can even login using remote authentication on I suppose to be able to communicate across Hubzilla servers/hubs you will first need to remotely login to that other server?

Hubzilla seems very interesting but still lots of things I haven't grasped yet.
Wiki: Hubzilla Project: Home

Worth reading. I can't find a way to bookmark the page so I share a post instead.
Well, I clicked share on a wiki about Hubzilla but nothing got shared?
Here is a public post with comments disabled.
Here is a public posting of mine and on the next line is some encrypted text that you can easily add within Hubzilla if you like. However only with a password and not with public and private keys (not yet at least). The password is by the way


without quotation marks.

Encrypted content

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