Description: I want to learn more about privacy and security, secure messengers and good social media alternatives to Facebook. I am using Hubzilla, Twitter, Reddit and WordPress in combination.
About: Hubzilla seem to have so many features to give you full control of with whom to share what. What you see here is what I have chosen to show publicly. Then I can for example have another profile picture that only certain friends can see, and yet another profile picture that other friends can see (if I would like that). The same goes for so many things.

You can also use end-to-end encryption in your postings or messages. Currently only with a shared password but I suppose in the future they should be able to implement that with a key pair of private and public keys so it runs more smoothly. Perhaps that needs an app for you mobile phone since you of course need to be able to store your private key on your own computer or mobile device and I suppose such a thing is not possible within a web browser?
Description: I am possibly the world's most boring man
Location: New Zealand
Location: Portland, Oregon, USA
Description: love dogs!
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About: Dog lover
Age: 58
Location: Nong Khaem, Bangkok, Thailand
About: I chose early retirement over working the 40 40 40 plan and now I'm living stress free as an Aussie expat living in Thailand with my Thai girlfriend. Our Video Blog covers the typical things we find ourselves doing as we build our life together living in the suburbs of Bangkok. My fiancée is a post-op ladyboy and we have been together since 2009. I finally moved to Thailand in September 2016 because the 8 years of travelling to see her was taking its toll. We hope we will give you a unique perspective on Thailand life and lifestyle as we go about our daily life and sometimes explore the Land of Smiles.
Description: Editor/Translator
Location: Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
About: Benjamin L. Russell majored in computer science at Yale University in 1994.  He works as an editor/translator of computer science-related documents.  He currently lives in Tokyo, Japan.  He occasionally writes haiku in the style of Matsuo Bashō and studies Scheme, Haskell, and Ruby in his spare time.  He is also a Japanese digital entertainment geek/otaku.
Description: Democracy and Direct Democracy
Description: I am new to Hubzilla and I am looking for people to explore it with. Add me as a friend/connection if you like!
Description: Google Plus refugee, help point for those on goggleplus, connect to me if you are on goggleplus and I will give you a hand. try adding people in my connections list if you like to get started
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About: Here to help if you need a hand
Description: Google Plus refugee. Keen to meet others on here, connect up!
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About: Travel, Operate remotely, outdoors
Description: Classic Rock Lover
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About: Stories Songs Polls Comments about the real music we grew up on
Description: qui genus humanum ingenio superavit