Billie T. James

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The comic genius of Billy T James, though I doubt the humour translates well to other countries.

Back in the day there was an educational TV programme for very young children called Play School. In this skit Billie is using the actual Play School set, and speaking in the same sort of condescending manner the presenters of that show adopted.

Trust me, the format is instantly recognisable to anyone who grew up in New Zealand during the 70s and 80s.

This skit was broadcast around the mid 80s to a society that was still deeply conservative. In hindsight it's actually hard to believe Billie and the broadcaster TVNZ got away with it.

Here's Billie.

The whole nation loved this guy, it was a great period of time culturally as Maori culture began emerging through the likes of Billy T in a way everyone could relate to