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Adding suggestions process  /directory  Results of suggestions search are shown in /directory. If already connected there should be a button that says “Connected!” And button directs to page or js to manage that connection. Upon hitting green connect button, query is run to match A match brings c...
So payment must be handled by Hubzilla in my view who would immediately pass the funds received to the hub. Serious consideration to has to be given as to how this gets coded and how to handle exceptions and refunds.

Personally, I don't see that even as a possibility. I suppose someone could take the CART app, close-source the MIT code, and make some sort of alliance with a payment processor so that they get a cut and then donate that to the project. That COULD work -- basically the TIVOIZATION of Hubzilla. I think most of the current devs might frown on that type of activity though. (As the main dev of the CART addon, I know I would!)

I think the closest I can come up with is what I said above and set up a stored value utility token on a blockchain somewhere (I've looked at Bitshares and EOS - both would be good candidates) and integrate that into the Hubzilla ecosystem somehow - have the transaction fees split among project & hub-operators. But with that we'd be quite far afield from the software itself and expertise in that space would be needed. It may be a viable way to do it, but there's a LOT that would need to happen to set up the overall framework for it, and I'm not 100% sure (with all the coming regulation in the Crypto space) that it's something that'd be sustainable.
Well like I said, one possibility is that the payment module could housed only on the hubzilla server and not in the source code. Someone could still write their own module though, granted.

A blockchain solution might we'll be best, but as you say that's no mean feat.

Whatever happens, nothing will be perfectly controlled due to the open source nature of things.

But it might go along way to getting hubzilla operational and paying bills for itself and it's hubs
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